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Let us Prepare for a New Year with Jesus

A strange way to save the world  -by: 4 Him (click link)

  I want to invite all amateur radio operators to join in to “The Christian Net”, this Monday evening at 7 pm E /6pm C /5pm M /4pm Pacific  on TG 31479.   I want this to be a net of learning how to trust and gain strength from the Word of God and one another. Taking new challenges , reading the bible through in a year, praying more and expressing love even toward our enemies. Yes, that can be hard one sometimes !   Man had not been created to labor like we have to now, but to give praise  to the All mighty God. Some people may go as far to blame Adam and Eve; but just stop there, both you and I know if not them it would’ve been us.   Sometimes we may  have to go places out of our comfort zone in life, so I thank You Jesus for trusting me which may just be a stepping stone.  


For anyone that may not have the means to connect on 31479 on  DMR,  we invite you to listen in on 

And check in online @: