About me : Kf4iil

I Alan have been enjoying DMR since Nov 2015, but I have been a licensed ‘ham’ radio operator since 1996.  Although; I have the privileged to talk on HF frequency I have been unable to place antenna up for few years. DMR has given me opportunity again to join in with other world wide amateurs than just my local ham friends .   This is the first net that I have ever operated, I wanted to connect on a local 2 meter repeater, but never able to confirm with owner.   With the help of Jason-WX4XW and The Lord Jesus we have come together to lift up each ham that wishes to participate in “The Christian Net” with the Word of God. Hoping that we shall keep this friendly and fun.

I’ve seen the test for my family and I at these last days of the year 2017. But may you lead me Lord for it may not always be the place I’d pick. But let Your light shine on that path that may be darken at times so I see more clearly.